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:iconvitamin-kae: kind of tagged me in a sort of general way. But really, I just flew back in from Sydney to dear old Tassie (… ), and I feel like doing this to keep my brain ticking while Solly gets his fill of Terraria before bed (sooooo sleepyyyyy).

1: What was the first fandom you became an active member of? (ie, watched/read, drew fan art, wrote fanfictions, read fanfiction etc)
Biker Mice Frome Mars. Yeah, I used to create elaborate stories in my head at night about how the bros would eventually find Harley. </3

2: How old where you when you first got into it?
Gosh. 6? 7? I didn't discover fanfiction was an actual thing until I was 14, but.

3: What was so appealing at the time?
It was a funny yet high-stakes, dangerous show with a lot of alliteration. Yes, alliteration. As a kid, I really, really, enjoyed the repetative consonants in the show's dialogue. I'm not even joking.

4: Are you still an active member of the fandom?
I still do fanart? I'm kind of in the process of making an OC? I still stalk message boards occasionally? Does that count?

5: If Yes, why does it still appeal to you. If No, what happened, and would you consider yourself a fan still even if you don't participate in the fandom?
Now that I'm older, I can appreciate the high stakes, the banter and the language even more. Now that I look at it from an adult's perspective, it seems so much more gritty, with a lot of underlying depth and sadness. Seriously, there was a lot of heavy shit going on in this show. We actually watched the guy's bodies get blown apart.

6: How much, if at all, did being part of this fandom affect the way you draw, write, or make art in general?
It drove me to imrpove a lot. My brother would look at all my fanarts and be all, 'Legs are too long.' Also taught me how to deal with blunt criticism. So, yeah. There's that. Gosh I'm tired.

7: Is your fandom still in production? (ie if it's a cartoon are episodes still being made. If it's a book is there another book to come. etc)
Um, maybe? If the movie rumour turns out to be true, then yes? Although I am a bit skeptical.

8: Did this fandom have anything to do with when or why you joined DA?
Uh, kind of but not really. I had drawn a fair bit of fanart for it and was interested in sharing my stuff, but it was actually through a SWAT Kats forum that I discovered dA. Incidentally though, my first uploaded piece on here was BM fanart.

9: Is being part of this Fandom responsible for you getting into any other fandoms?
... Not that I can think of, no.

10: With all this in mind do you ever regret being part of this fandom?
Course not! Some of my favourite pieces to date were for Biker Mice!

In other news, about to get paid for my first gig as a library technician.
In other other news, start uni again in a couple of weeks.


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